Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff

 Ever since I'll Have Another, a horse that wasn't expected to win, manned by a jockey who wasn't expected to do anything, took this year's Kentucky Derby...well, I believe in long-shots again. Wow, what a come-from-behind win! He was in seventh place around the final turn -- and still caught and passed the lead (and favorite) horse Bodemeister by 1 1/2 lengths at the finish line. (Specifics here.)
      (See 14 other amazing Derby wins in this slideshow.)
Will he make the Triple Crown? I'm not holding my breath...but this race was amazing.

Chip E. Nell, you've won this past week's giveaway of Quilts of the Golden West -- good for you! Please e-mail me promptly at, so we can send your book on its way. We'll be starting up a new giveaway shortly -- come on back to see.
   P.S. We're still running a sale on QUILTS OF THE GOLDEN WEST, to go along with this giveaway! It normally retails for a few pennies short of $30 -- but this week and next, you can get your own copy for $14.95, including media rate shipping! (Yours truly will sign it, too.) E-mail, or order via the Brickworks website, and add a note that you're ordering the Golden West Special. We'll fix it on our end before we charge your card, or refund the overage via Paypal. (Or send us a check for $14.95, and include a note. That'll do it.) Sale ends May 13, 2012. 

 There's more amazing stuff out there in Internet-Land:

Living large, paying no rent -- New York has 19 historic homes with caretakers that do just this.

The hills are alive with the sound of yodeling -- at least in Berlin. (I lived in Austria one summer during college. The Austrians I talked to HATED the Sound of Music movie...according to them, it opened one night in Vienna -- and closed the next day.)

Lion Yarns is offering a crocheted Blossom Scarf pattern -- it's this month's freebie on the Brickworks website! (Go here for picture and directions.)

Four moms (and other people) offer up ways to use their leftovers. (Of special note:  ten delicious way to use those oddball bits and pieces.)  (Thanks, Raising Olives and The Common Room.)

A Month of Meatless? Radmegan did it. Certainly stretches the budget more...although I would miss meat too much. We Bricks are pretty carnivorous, though we've cut down some. 

Coiled magazine paper bowls. Frugal Upstate's got a very helpful tutorial on how to make these. (Would The Mama want one for Mother's Day?)

Could you set money aside for savings, even if you're only making a few bucks a day? Other cultures do it. (So much for American whining that we just don't make enough to save.)

From Penny Thots, a new blog I'm writing for -- More is Less, Less is More: Winning Ways to Save on Food.

And this vivid take on a Beatles classic:

Have a great week -- and be sure to stop in tomorrow, and enter the next giveaway.

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