Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Bolder Boulder version

After a weekend of wind, wind, wind, it's quiet and peaceful here. And hot. One extreme or the other, it seems.
    A whole lot of paint has been slapped on the basement downstairs, as well as the garage. Things are looking much better!
     The only casualty, so far, has been my fingers. Yesterday, while finishing up the garage doors, I managed to catch both hands in one of the door 'bends.' I almost screamed for help (the Brick was taking a nap), but managed to pull one hand out, then pull the door up enough to get the other hand free. Needless to say -- OUCH.
    Woke up this morning after a vivid dream that the fingers had turned into puffy sausages. Whew. They were a tad numb (still are), but ok.
    The chickens are definitely gawky teenagers now -- feathers in place, busy pecking, trying to fly and occasionally arguing. They enjoy sitting (and pooping) on their feed trough. We have niece Brianna's wedding to go to this weekend. When we get back, we must figure out a pen area for them. (The Brick was eyeing a library table we had to throw out, after the basement flood, thinking it might be a starting point. I was thinking the same thing.)
   While I go back to painting, you might enjoy these items gleaned from wandering the 'Net. Don't forget -- the free book giveaway for Super Simple Strips is still going strong! This is an excellent book for using up leftover scraps...and a perfect summer project. Go straight to the post to enter. (You get extra entries for 'following' the blog, or subscribing via e-mail, too.)

A St. Louis Goodwill gets an unusual 'donation' -- $14,000 in cash hidden in a box of Christmas ornaments. Once they publicized it, 15 people each claimed they were the donor!
    Other high-value things have been donated to Goodwills in the past, including an ancient pot, a book written by Albert Einstein (in German, naturally) -- and a guy who sewed his life savings into the seams of a suit, and accidentally donated it. (He wants the suit back. No luck, so far.)

The Easter Island statues aren't just heads -- they have full bodies, with petroglyphs, too. (At least some of them.) Quick, somebody tell Thor Heyerdahl!

How the 'Net can keep you out of debt -- including free apps, and being able to check property valuations. (Thanks, Carrie on the Cheap.)

The Wartime Kitchen -- what cooks went through, in the days of rationing and short supplies. This is long, but worth it (Thanks so much, Diary of a Stay At Home Mom.)

The 80-year-old who fell out of her safety harness while skydiving -- and lived! (If my bra showed on national media, and I survived, so what...)

A postal worker who was on disability for her serious back injury -- yet just happened to run 80-plus long distance races. She was outed when she did the Boston Marathon.  (Oopsies. She should have done the Bolder Boulder, instead. Video's for the 2011 race...)

      She must have relatives:

Ten people who faked serious illnesses -- or claimed to for family members. Their motive? Cold, hard cash.

Speaking of cold hard cash, what Mark Zuckerberg's prenup agreements may have looked like. (Interesting that he married one day AFTER the IPO of Facebook, don't you think, considering that marital property laws generally rule that you keep the income you make before you wed?? Or, as many of the commenters say, 'Who cares...')

People who quit their jobs -- and made millions doing it. (Note that many of these new businesses are related to food. Interesting.)

Men in Black stories. The real ones -- not the movies.

How some veterans are turning their uniforms into memory pieces -- by shredding and making them into paper. (And I thought cutting them up for quilts was clever.)

Have a peaceful, restful Memorial Day.

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