Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A New Giveaway: Quilts of the Golden West

This week's giveaway hits very close to home: I wrote it!

by Cindy Brick
(Kansas City Star)

     This book began as a close look at the various gold and silver rushes around the country, beginning with Georgia and North Carolina (they started it!), and moving on to California and the other Western states. A beautiful gold small-figured print came out in the 1880s; we call it 'butterscotch' or 'caramel,' but one of its other names was California Gold. (Yes, a commemorative of the Forty-Niners..even though California's Rush actually started in 1848. Read the book to find out why.)
     There's a lot about the men and women -- especially women -- who participated in the Rushes. That includes the quilt on the front cover (2 versions - phototransfer and redwork) that honors 9 different women who had something to do with gold, silver or copper. Those figures include two old Colorado acquaintances, Baby Doe Tabor and Molly Brown, as well as lesser-known figures like Madame Pantalon, Lotta Crabtree...even Belle Starr, 'outlaw queen' of the Oklahoma Territory. (She took her gold and silver!)

(See some sample pages by clicking here, including a close-up look at the front cover quilt.)
     To my surprise, this book also became a lot about money -- after all, our financial system was built on and often influenced by these mineral discoveries. Unfortunately, a lot of financial panics happened because of them -- political candidates ran, based on their support of gold or silver -- and quiltmakers everywhere expressed their opinions of the events in their quilts! (We should, too, the book points out.)
     More than a dozen different patterns round things out, so you can stitch your own Golden West quilts. Full instructions, of course. (By the way, I don't care if you want to make these for sale, as well as your personal use. Honest. Just put that you used a pattern in Cindy Brick's book, etc. etc....and please don't make photocopies, except for your own personal use.)

Are you curious now? Win your own copy of QUILTS OF THE GOLDEN WEST just by leaving a comment on this post! (Mention in a separate comment that you follow the blog and subscribe to it by e-mail, and you've got 3 extra entries. That, by the way, is how at least two of the giveaway winners have gotten their books.) 
    Giveaway ends Sunday at midnight, and we'll pick a winner on Monday. Good luck!

P.S. We're running a sale on QUILTS OF THE GOLDEN WEST, to go along with this giveaway! It normally retails for a few pennies short of $30 -- but this week and next, you can get your own copy for $14.95, including media rate shipping! (Yours truly will sign it, too.) E-mail cindyjbrick@gmail.com, or order via the Brickworks website, and add a note that you're ordering the Golden West Special. We'll fix it on our end before we charge your card, or refund the overage via Paypal. (Or send us a check for $14.95, and include a note. That'll do it.) Sale ends May 13, 2012.


Barb in PA said...

This book sounds very interesting. Some 40 years ago my husband and I wandered around Colorado searching out ghost towns and learning about the little towns that survived. I love this time period and would love to add the information you've gathered to my knowledge. Thanks for offering this give-away.
Barb in PA

Chip E. Nell said...

I get your blog via e-mail and sometimes I don't get it as timely due to my server or not feeling like checking my mail due to lupus. However, I am enjoying it. This book looks extremely interesting and I do enjoy quilt history books. I also have 7 chickens in a side note. Mine are Buff Orphingtons. You will enjoy yours very much! You can feel your BP drop when you get to enjoy the chickens. Thanks for the fun of the blog!

Sandi said...

I've checked this book out at the library more than a few times and so I would love to win a copy that I could call my own. :-) I remember being surprised to learn about gold in Georgia. Even my husband was surprised at that when I shared the info with him. Thanks for the chance to win!

Dianna said...

I live in Colorado and enjoy reading books about quilting and the West. I find your blog fun to read.

Cindy Brick said...

Chip E. Nell, you've won yourself a copy of QUILTS OF THE GOLDEN WEST -- congratulations! Please e-mail me at cindyjbrick@gmail.com with your snail mail address, so we can get your book out to you.
Thanks, everyone who commented --
another giveaway is in the works!

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