Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Soldiering On

The little dear at Southern Hospitality has been painting and patching for weeks now on her new house.

I can relate.

Daughter #1 and I got the main room painted in the downstairs area -- only to realize that the color was wrong. (Too light.) I went back to Home Depot last night and got three different samplers -- hopefully one of these is the right dove gray shade I need to go with the rock fireplace, and gray-tan marbled floors!
   Then it will be on through the other rooms, painting them successively darker shades of gray. Very monochromatic.
    We listen to Bill Cosby and Smothers Brothers albums. The dogs can't understand why they're not welcome, fighting and racing through the area...after all, it's wide open -- why not!

Once the painting's done, then it's on to the baseboards. And chair rail. Then putting things away, finishing weeding up the house flower bed, planting the rest of the garden...and somehow keeping everything else going, as well, before we leave next week for a family wedding.

Plus it looks that I may be making a flying trip to Portland; a dear uncle died this morning, after weeks of ill health. The Mama wants me to go to the funeral service with her, if I can.

I feel just beat, but there's no time to be tired right now.

In less than a month, all this will be done. I'm just not sure how...

Update: The Mama decided not to go to Portland, after all. My uncle's family is holding a service in Portland next week...but a second service in Michigan in mid-June. Mom said she felt comfortable waiting until the Michigan service. I was soooo grateful...
    Painted in the rain. (The area was under cover -- I just wasn't.) Got chilled, which a hot bath and food haven't fixed yet. Maybe a good long sleep will do it. 

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