Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I stumbled into bed about 3 a.m., and woke at 7 this morning, just sure it was 9 -- and I needed to get up.
    Thankfully, it wasn't.
It is hard to believe, but work on the basement is actually progressing! We won't have everything done by tomorrow, but we'll have enough that I won't be too embarrassed.

    Why tomorrow? Because a busload of enthusiastic Texas quilters are headed to Brickworks in the morning, for a lecture on "Quilts of the Golden West." (Plus a demo, and a few goodies they don't know about yet.) Tonight, we'll set up the 45+ chairs out on the lawn. I'm going to pin the quilts on the clothesline, and take them down for my assistants to show around, bit by bit, as I talk. Have never done it this way -- but there's always a first.  
     I once even did a lecture by flashlight -- the power went out at the library, just when I'd started. And that included showing the quilts! The people there said it felt very pioneer-y.
     The chickies will be interested bystanders. (The dogs get to spend the morning in the bedroom -- poor things.) There's a ton of things to do yet, but I'll be back...and post the next book giveaway. Talk to you soon.

P.S. For ideas on saving on graduation and wedding presents, take a look at my latest post on the Penny Thots PF site...

Umm, Charley, I heard Mom's having all these Crazy Texans over...let's show 'em a good time!

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