Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff

It's been a quiet week in Castle Rock, my home town -- if you don't count the smoke, that is. The forest fires north are still not under control: more than 43,000 acres now, larger than Boulder and Fort Collins put together. The taste of ash is in the air, even two hours south, where we live. We finally got some rain two days ago, but temps have been in the 90s, and the wind is hot and dry. Not much inspiration to get anything done.
     The Brick is headed to Pueblo, two hours further south, for a week of training and Bus Driving Shenanigans. (They have a big rodeo for transportation people around the state.) Unfortunately, this also means that he'll be out in the heat, judging how well school bus drivers make their turns and maneuver down the alleys. Temps are supposed to be in the high 90s all week. (Poor guy.)
     I have a gig Wednesday for the Piecing Partners Quilt Guild in Colorado Springs -- come on over to hear more about patriotic quilts and fabrics over the past centuries! In the afternoon, I'll be teaching how to date and restore quilts. There's still space left in the class -- we'd love to have you attend. 
     Other than that, it's live and let live. (Oh, and try to breathe, too.) Stuff I ran across this past week:

The importance of a emergency/natural disaster fund --  during times you'd never guess you need it. (Don't we know it, thanks to our recent hailstorm.) Thanks, Simple Island Living. I don't know whether to hate or love this blog -- she makes a lot of decisions I wouldn't, and then again she does exactly what I would! Regardless, this blog is a fascinating read.

Sea Serpents, kid-style. Thanks to Full Bellies, Happy Kids. Incredibly cute, even though it's basically just a tuna sandwich. 

The irresponsibility of borrowing you can borrow more money. Sounds convoluted -- but honest, it makes sense, thanks to the Financial Samurai.

Judgey McJudgeypants. A quick look at People Living Comfortably Who Gripe. (Actually, it's also more about how they deal with their expenses, including this Toronto Life article, "Almost Rich" --and its look at five families' finances. (Thanks, Single Mom Rich Mom.)

Rodney King is dead. That name doesn't strike much recognition to my girlies, but I remember the riots his arrest (and beating) spawned in L.A. and elsewhere all too well. King received $3.8 million in a lawsuit settlement -- and blew most of it on a hip-hip record label. But he had enough left to be drinking and smoking weed most of the day before he died. (How he died -- other than being found in a swimming pool -- is still under question.) He was 47.

The power of a stealth stockup, thanks to Donna Freedman. One of my very favorite frugalistas explains how a few bucks a week can beef up your pantry and supply closet. (And she's right!)

What the Library of Congress thinks about orphan works -- and protecting them. These, by the way, are images that authorship cannot be found for -- then, once the image is used, the original author turns up and demands payment, etc. The speaker estimates that 80% of the photos used on the Internet are orphan works. (Could well be -- they're rife on Pinterest, which makes it a scary place to post sometimes.) This is full of legalese, but important, nonetheless.

A simple, basic way to cut a boy's hair. This tutorial is very helpful, step by step. I used to cut the girlies' bangs regularly, but was a little scared to tussle with the rest of their haircut. This makes it look easier. (While you're at it read Kimberly's -- Raising Olives -- 'not me' post, about cutting hair and (ahem) bare facts!

How to clip a chicken's wings to keep it from flying out of the pen. I wonder why I need to know this right now?!? (Fine. So most of you reading don't. Be that way.)

And to keep you in the mood...

Don't forget -- you can still enter to win your own copy of one of the nicest quilt books ever -- America's Glorious Quilts. Find out more here.

Have a good week -- talk to you again soon.


Jess said...

As one of above-mentioned girlies, I'd like to mention that I most definitely DO know who Rodney King is, thank you very much. (Goodness, you must think I pay attention far less than I do.) Not sure that can be said of some of my peers more inclined towards MTV than CNN, but still.

Cindy Brick said...

Well, thank you for pointing that out, Missy -- I'm glad! How many of your generation would know? (But I'm glad you do...honest.)
And more to the point -- can you do the CHICKEN DANCE?!?

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