Thursday, July 12, 2012

Got a Sinkin' Feeling? And A New Giveaway!

The Waldo Canyon fire has finally been contained! (Go here for the full report, plus photos.)
There are still plenty of people who could use encouragement on this -- go here to find out how you can help. 

Something new's developed around here -- a 100-foot deep hole suddenly developed along US24, one of the roads to Leadville! An underground railroad tunnel, abandoned in the 50s, has decided to make its presence re-known.
     Don't miss the slide show with this article: dozens of sinkholes are showing up around the world, including Duluth, Minnesota. (That one was directly affected by their recent flooding. The hole was big enough to grab a car -- and plenty large to swallow a dozen or so more.)

Weird...but fascinating.

* * * * * * *
Well, dears, it's time to announce a new giveaway! It's none other than my own


It's just too blamed hot in summertime to work on large quilts. In that case, you'll find this how-to for making handkerchief quilt hangings the perfect size. With 7-10 hankies, some scraps, buttons and such, plus less than 15 hours, you can produce a lovely large pillow or wallhanging. (And that includes binding time!) And they're easy...I've seen everyone from young kids to older people, including some who had never sewn before, make beautiful Hanky Panky quilts. (More than a dozen different examples are in the book to inspire you, including bandanna and tatted lace HPs.)
     These Hanky Panky pieces make great presents. (Christmas is not that far off!) And this book can be yours -- FREE. All you have to do is the usual: leave a comment after this post on what you're currently doing, craft-wise. (Could be quilting, knitting, embroidering...or just freezing jam!) Leave a second post if you subscribe via e-mail, or a follower -- and that will earn you 3 additional entries. (The last giveaway winner won her book by doing just that!)

Hanky Panky is just about out of print. Brickworks owns the last few hundred copies...and we're not planning on reprinting it. This is your chance to grab one of the last remaining copies -- FREE!
(Giveaway ends Sunday, July 22, midnight MST. We'll announce the winner soon after.)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Want a reasonably-priced item for your birthday and holiday gift list? Try a copy of Hanky Panky. Through the rest of July, we're offering a bulk special on these books:
      Buy one copy -- and it's $13.95, including free shipping. (Order here.)
      Two copies: $22.95, including shipping.
      Three copies: $29.85, including shipping. 

We'll even throw in a free antique postcard for every Hanky Panky book purchased! 

This special ends August 1, 2012. Just order, using Brickworks' regular shopping cart. We'll adjust the price on our end, and send you a confirmation e-mail. (We accept VISA/Mastercard, Paypal, or a check; we'll ship once your payment arrives.)

     You get great presents for as little as $9.95 each -- with no extra shipping costs!
And we get the satisfaction of knowing that everyone has a little Hanky Panky in their lives.


Chip E. Nell said...

What a neat book! Not sure how I missed this one. Would love to win a copy. Very cute idea.

Chip E. Nell said...

This anti-robot stuff makes it nearly impossible sometimes to comment on the blog. I am a follower by e-mail subscription too. I don't comment all the time because it is rough to see the stuff to prove I am a human. LOL

Cindy Brick said...

Chip, I don't like the anti-robot stuff, either...but it seems to be a sign of the times that you must deal with it. Sigh.
I recognize your name as a regular. Glad you're here!

Chip E. Nell said...

Thanks for remembering! I have become a devotee of reading the blog...Sometimes I am on the laptop though and my myopic vision has trouble with the codes for posting.

Crystal @ Custom Memorial Quilts said...

Well, you say to comment on what I'm currently doing so I'll do just that - I'm in the middle of creating yet another custom memorial quilt from clothing. Due to the mix of regular shirts and sweat shirts, I'm sandwiching the blocks individually and then putting them together so that the thickness is consistent when the quilt is finished. And yes, I'd love to win the book!:)

Crystal said...

I just subscribed by email so I guess I'm a follower now! As a fellow quilter and writer, I am so happy to have found your blog.:)

Lorraine Spreadborough said...

I love quilting and am one of those that quilts throughout the year. I am currently helping a gentleman with muscular dystrophy learn to quilt. He has completed 5quilts, and we are in the planning stages for number 6, which will be for his sister.

Cindy Brick said...

Chip E. Nell, you're this giveaway's winner! Please send us your snail mail address, and we'll get the book out to you. Thanks for entering, everyone -- the next giveaway will be up shortly.

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