Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff -- Ok, Fine -- It's Tuesday

      We spent the weekend on the Western Slope, camping on Grand Mesa and buying peaches in Palisade. (Their Peach Festival is coming up Aug. 16-19...but we couldn't go that weekend. Plump, juice dripping down the chin when you bite into one...boy, I'd better go get another one right now!)
      It rained a few times, but we stayed dry. The only casualty: Charley, who couldn't understand why Mom and Dad wouldn't let him (and his sharp toenails) up on the air mattress. (Dumb dog.)
     I stopped to do an appraisal in Vail, which got us home late...enough time to heat up something quick for supper, and watch Lord of the Rings. (Have to get ready for The Hobbit!)

    It was very relaxing, but made me late with the weekly list of Interesting Stuff. So spank me.

Fast, cheap and good -- which two do you want?  Basic -- and sensible.

Chief Joseph's war shirt brings more than $877,000 at auction. Why so much? Provenance up the wazoo, including a photo -- and portrait -- of Chief Josseph wearing the shirt. But this was considered the low end estimate. (The shirt was valued at up to 1.2 million.) Zowie.
     One curious thing about this piece: according to the in-depth article, it surfaced at an Indian relics show, with no attribution. After it changed hands yet again, the connection with Chief Joseph was finally made -- and of course, then the value skyrocketed. When I mentioned how much this sold for, the Brick said, "To someone who's got a lot more money than us!"

(Some background on this brilliant chief, if you're not sure who he is...)

A Goodwill painting turns out to be worth big bucks. The purchaser bought it for the canvas -- she had planned to paint a giant cat over it!

Six easy ways to encourage someone. Big-time. Another way:

Need some new approaches? Check nature...she's got all sorts of new ideas when it comes to design.

Are you home-schooling? This blogger has eleven kids...and a very workable schedule. Wow, Raising Olives. Very impressive. 

Mummy discoveries, made by testing. 

 Creative ideas for some very inexpensive gifts. (Don't miss the comments, especially.) Thanks to Money Saving Mom for these. they go well with the gifts-for-groups from Stuff a few weeks ago.

I've got some appraisal reports to finish up, and a bushel of peaches to process. Have a great week...

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