Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff

Still hot...but what's new. Jake, our Lawn Muscle, is out mowing -- I keep running out there to pour cold liquids into him. (Poor guy.) Temps are supposed to be like this for some time, so we might as well get used to it.
     I know you've heard about the theatre shootings here in the Denver area. (Here's what he looks like, in case you're wondering.) The Batman movie is absolutely terrific...why, oh why does someone with a sick mind have to do this?? (Next question in my mind -- why didn't someone in that theatre jump him?)  
    What was a little weird about Batman: The Dark Knight Rises were the many actors who also had been in Inception, including Tom Hardy, the guy who played Bane. (You never would have guessed it was him...) Granted, it was the same director, and the actors did an outstanding job. Loved the movie-- even forgot I was in a movie theater for a while. But did he really think we wouldn't notice?

     While I'm inhaling the sweet smell of fresh-cut grass and ironing, you might enjoy some of the things found lately on the Internet:

Len Penzo's 10 Best Things I Ever Bought...and the 10 Worst. These may surprise you.

I Pick Up Pennies on snacking your way into debt. Junk food may be cheaper in the short run -- but you pay, in more ways than one.

19 Tricks to avoid eating so much at restaurants, courtesy of Bargain Babe.

An interesting way to clean up crappy-looking stairs, courtesy of Southern Hospitality.

Donna Freedman's competing in the Personal Finance Olympics, and could use your vote. Just click on this link to her article on 'stealth saving,' and you're there. (The article's good, too.)

Battling Belly Fat... courtesy of AARP. (Not that any of us has to worry about this...ahem.)

Six ways to save on a funeral -- Five Cent Nickel's suggestions. I'd add donating your body to science. (Actually, this is the way yours truly's mortal coil is going to shuffle off.) My uncle died back in late fall -- no funds for his funeral, but he had arranged ahead of time for this. His body is helping a medical school now, and eventually his cremated remains will be returned to his family, at no cost. You do have to fill out some paperwork now, but it's not complicated. 

Saving money on your visit to Yellowstone National Park. Prairie Eco-Thrifter has some terrific ideas here that can easily be applied to other vacation spots.

A Tennessee man finds something interesting while renovating his walkway -- 13 tombstones underneath!

On the value of hard work and self-sufficiency. Young in the Mountains is a breath of fresh mountain air, about a young family who are growing or harvesting their own food, baking bread, looking at nature and so on. (Although the tie-dyed bit seems a little typecast.) Try this interesting blog.  

And Octomom's just signed for a reality show. In spite of what she's been saying all along.
    All I can say is -- it figures.

Oh, and...
Kris Driessen at QuiltBug has some nice antique quilts for sale -- for very reasonable prices. If you want to learn more about old fabrics and styles, this is the place to go.

* * * * * * * *
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