Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Simple Truth...And Life Goes On

My post about "Sandy" just hit the Penny Thots website...yay! You met her in one of my earlier posts; this one elaborates on her situation.
    If you've never visited Penny Thots, you would enjoy it -- about 15 different bloggers take time to post on a wide variety of topics frugal -- from thrift shops to buying a house, getting your best credit card deal to the newest ways to cook -- and save. I've enjoyed reading it myself. The best part: these bloggers are from all over the U.S. (including yours truly), as well as a few from Europe. Our viewpoints can be very different from each other -- and yet in some ways, we're much alike.

Our newest giveaway is going strong. Get yerself a chance at a little Hanky Panky...absolutely free. (Ends next Sunday at midnight MST.) We're even holding a sale if you're like to buy a few extra copies for presents.

We're back to heat. The Brick let the chickens out this morning, to see how they'd do free-ranging. (Our back yard is completely enclosed with a 6-foot chainlink fence.) Surprise -- they made a beeline for the library-table-turned-chicken-run, which is temporarily disconnected from the yard and waiting for reenlistment. It's enclosed on three sides, and very airy and cool there. They alternated between snoozing in the run and under the chicken coop, or strolling back through the open gate for a drink and a snack. So much for freedom!

We spent tonight on Worship Team for church...and get to do it all over again tomorrow, since the other Worship Team leader is on vacation. Singing and playing is fun -- but it exhausts you.
    No matter. Our turn is coming, come the end of the month. I'd like to go camping, down by the Escalante Steps. The Brick said thoughtfully, "You know -- I'd like to go on a cruise." Well, start looking, Buddy...
     It's peaceful, these warm nights, to sit outside and watch the lights sparkling outside. We live on the top of a hill, overlooking the valley and beyond to Pike's Peak on the south, and the Rockies on the west. We can see up and down I-25, and out over a mixed bag of ranchland, housing developments (sigh) and businesses. (Home Depot is just down the hill, with a scrub oak grove in between.) Thankfully, we're up high enough to look out and over these things, rather than being smack in the middle of them.

Have a good restful weekend, hopefully with a fan and a frosty glass of iced tea nearby.

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