Thursday, August 9, 2012

For the Birds

Aren't these wonderful little statues? Two toddlers, each trying to grab a partridge; notice the inlaid eyes on one. Hair in curled topknots. All bronze; even their eyelashes are trimmed bronze. About 20 inches high.

    'Bookends' keeps coming to mind. (I know. Shame on me)

If they were, they'd be some of the most expensive ever. Pre-auction estimate is...


You see, these are Roman bronzes, first century B.C. - c.100 A.D. They're currently in private hands, but were originally acquired from "renowned Swiss collector Giovanni Züst in the 1960s, whose collection formed the nucleus of Basel’s famed Antikensammlung." (Where he got them from is unclear.)

If you want them for your collection, they're being auctioned off at Christie's Dec. 5. “'Christie’s is truly privileged to offer these bronzes as a highlight of the December Antiquities sale,'” comments G. Max Bernheimer, International Head of the Antiquities department. 'Not only are they remarkable for having survived the centuries in superb condition, but the high quality of the workmanship makes them all the more exceptional.'”

     Start saving your pennies.

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