Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting Ready For Colds & Flu

Now that the weather is wavering back and forth between steaming-hot-oh-won't-this-end and brr-I-need-a-sweater-fast, I know what's coming:

The annual bout of flu. 

Mine tends to be accompanied by an earache. Life is interesting, when everything is spinning. Hot water run into the ears during a shower helps. So does a dose of sweet oil, warmed and poured in, then plugged with cotton for a bit. But it's still an issue. (Ironically, the Brick's is always with chest congestion -- his ears are fine.)

I know what to do about the flu, though:

*Hot bath

*Vicks or another menthol rub, applied gently to the chest

*Warm clothes & slippers (and preferably the softest quilt or blanket in the house)

*a good book: I'm planning on reading through Dickens this fall, especially Our Mutual Friend and David Copperfield. (Maybe The Mystery of Edwin Drood, too, if I can get in the mood. Such a downer book...and weird, too.)  

*The company of Richard Sharpe (the sexy thing)

And this, perfect for congestion or a sore throat:


Add to your mug:  
1/3 cup whiskey or bourbon (Jim Beam, if you've got it)
3-4 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons honey

Now fill it with boiling water. Sip. Think cleansing thoughts. 

It's good for just before bedtime, too, if you're restless. A soporific, I believe it's called.

Diary of a Stay At Home Mom recommends another get-well remedy: sliced lemon or lime, plus a few slices of ginger, in a small jar, then filled with honey. The full treatment is here -- she says it's an old Oriental recipe.

When I was working at the office, I'd go out for Chinese food -- the spicier, the better. Those hot peppers are jumping with Vitamin C, and they go right to work. Green chile's great, for the same reason. (Add a handful of cilantro for extra oomph.) Rajas are a sauteed onion and chile mixture for tacos, or alongside a steak. Hey, some people make a plaster out of onions -- this way, you could have your chile, and eat it too!

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