Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hot, With A Touch of Fall

How can it be 90 or so degrees outside...and yet have a sense that things are changing?

Maybe it's the cloudy skies. (Not rain, darn it -- we're getting smoke from all the Western wildfires again.) Or the garden, producing like crazy. Like it knows something's coming.
     That delicious wash of sweet air that flows over your face in the early morning. Or the huge practically bombproof chicken coop we just set up for the chickies. It will keep them warm and snug this winter. (They're very suspicious of the thing -- we literally had to chase them around last night and stuff each chicken individually into the door before the others oozed out.)

I love Fall. It's just a surprise that it's coming so soon.

The computer situation is better. At least calmer. All I can say is --

*Don't eat or drink anything within spitting distance of the keyboard! You may have gone decades without a problem, but sooner or later, you will regret it regret it regret it.

*If you do spill something on it, take action quickly. There are lots of places for advice; this article on EHow is one of the best.   This article is terrific, too. (And very calming.) This one's good, . I've got one coming as well, based on my own (and the Brick's) experience. Why not read the articles now...or watch this video.

*And finally, keep a backup. I wasn't talking about a second computer (though laptop #2 was a big help for us). You need a backup system that saves your files (automatically, if possible) and keeps them accessible even if your laptop crashes.
    This is critical for my writing and appraisals, and it sure comes in handy in Bad Situations. The only problem: it's a new system, the Brick is still finishing setting it up, and I have to remember to save save save. Now there's new incentive to do just that!

In the meantime, yellow leaves are beginning to show up, like the dots and dashes on a developing Impressionist painting. The air cools. (Thank God) You get your work done as best as you can, and forgive yourself for not being perfect.
    And life goes on.

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