Friday, August 24, 2012

Keeping Going - Timewise, Snackwise

Joe at Retireby40 is going through late-night munchies cravings.

He's trying to stay up late to get his blogging chores done. (Little Joe is not exactly reasonable about letting his dad work during the day....the words "crazy little monkey" apply.)

On the other hand, Big Joe's been scarfing down junk food to stay awake -- and it's not doing his triglycerides level any good.
    What can he do to get through the "perils of midnight blogging?"

I can relate.

This problem occurs at home -- but it's worse when I'm on the road. There's lots of stuff to do on the computer, but I've already put in a full day (often more than full) teaching, appraising, judging...or all three.
   This trip, it's appraising -- lots of it. I get done about 5 p.m. (wow, early) -- but by the time I have supper with my hostess and spend time with her, it's already 8 or 9 p.m.

The solution so far has been to take a short nap -- then have something to drink, or a light snack to wake up. Fruit (especially peaches or grapes), or a plate of cucumbers.
   Or the leftover sandwich from lunch. I've got a handful of protein bars stashed away in the laptop bag, as well. They do the trick -- I can stay awake long enough to get the necessary work done.

Hot tea kept me going (and nearly ruined my laptop) before I left...I'll go back to that when I get home. Plus popcorn or a handful of pretzel chips. (Charley the dog likes those too and will keep me company, hoping for a handout.)

Joe's friends recommend carrot sticks, popcorn, Jell-o pudding snacks and sugar free jello, among other things. Plus cookies and good old milk.

Or another option -- give up, go to bed and get up early, instead.
Which is what I'm going to do tonight. Last night's sleep was longer than usual, but I helped out with the Wild Wild West guys nearly all night. (Too much watching those tv reruns before I left.)
     Hopefully James West and Artemus Gordon can fight their own villains again.

One more day of appraising -- then I'm on the road home to the Brick, a footrub and a nice soft bed.

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