Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Stuff on the way to Other Stuff

This week started better than last, thankfully. I'm even typing on the laptop (poor baby) that had all the trouble. Cooler temps here have made it far more relaxing, though we are still wayyy overcast with smoke from the fires out West. (Some in Idaho aren't projected to clear up until snow flies. Think of it!) Having gone through it for a good many weeks in Colorado, I really feel for my fellow Westerners. It wears you down after a while. 
     The garden is going great guns -- out front, that is. The chickies managed to worm their way past the fence, and nibbled my green beans down to nothing out back. They love the leaves and blossoms -- but are indifferent to the beans, if they manage to form. (Go figure.) Ergh. 
    So life goes on.
    I'll be on the road a lot this week -- appraising Wednesday in Granby, CO for the Peaks & Pines Quilt Guild, and the rest of the week at the Cheyenne Quilt Guild's annual show. (Wyoming, of course -- see dates here.) A couple of talks for Cheyenne, as well, on what judges look for in prizewinners. Stop by and say hi! 

Yours truly's full report on what to do when your electronics go wrong. From my staff post on Joe's Midlife Finance site. A fairly-full report on what the Brick did with the computer is here. 

The significance of a red front door on your house. And it's more than one meaning. I'm guessing you'll be surprised, too! Thanks, Stacy Makes Cents.

Lessons learned from Octomom. Another yours truly post, this one on the other site I write for -- Penny Thots. (I learned quite a bit from Celebrity Money Mishaps, too.)

Don't have a smartphone? You won't be able to access info at some museums...get used to the idea. (Thanks so much, Find Me Frugal[er].)

Life Lessons from an Editor, a Sharp Shooter and Some Nuns. (From Fox Business.) Aren't you just a bit curious, with a title like that?

And a link to the full archive of Simple Dollar posts. I've learned a lot from this guy over the years. He was never shy about being honest with his own financial struggles, either, like this early post: I'm in Big Financial Trouble - Where Do I Start?' 
   His 'Reader's Mailbag' on Mondays and Thursdays also inspired my 'Monday Stuff' columns. Thanks, Trent, for all you do.

We went to a Rockies vs Marlins game yesterday. The Rocks won, but both teams made enough chuckleheaded mistakes that I started to wonder if we were really watching professional baseball. My favorite was watching four Marlin guys (pitcher, shortstop, second and third base, I think) run in circles, trying to catch a ball -- which dropped smack in the middle of the confused group. Better than the Three Stooges.

It was Faith Day at Coors Field, and Third Day, a Southern Christian rock band, was the headliner. They sang this one, among others. Good stuff.

Don't forget about the latest book giveaway -- you've still got this week to enter! Hope it goes well for you.

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