Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff

 Joyce Gates, I'm happy to say you've won the America's Glorious Quilts book! Once you send us your snail mail address, then we'll get it shipped your way. Congratulations!
   We'll be posting the next book giveaway very come on back soon to check. 

I'm headed to Golden and the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum today, to help out with a kids quilting class. Lots of little rug rats flowing around my ankles, grabbing and asking questions -- just the idea of it feels like chickens!
     Our chickies, by the way, are looking and sounding more like hens every way. They even do the "buck bacaw" sound when they get excited. Only a few issues: they like beans and squash in the garden. (And I found out almost too late. The stinkers.) They enjoy pecking at shiny things -- like buttons and toenails. Startling, which means you drop the tin of hen scratch all over if you're not prepared for it. And finally, they're still not laying eggs yet. Go, chickies, go!

While I'm dealing with chicks of the human kind, here are a few things out there in Internet-Land:

Five homes made out of shipping containers. There are hints here and there, but other than the general shape, you'd be hard-put to guess it!

How to make a lovely hand-dyed dress...courtesy of Ami Simms, my friend and colleague. 

In honor of the Olympics...
The 100 Worst Sports Athletes in History. (mostly American history.)

Who's going to be president, come January?'s poll has been accurate since 2000 -- and it's all based on how many paper masks they sell.  (The company figures that if you're willing to cough up some cash to wear a paper version of your favorite candidate, it shows your loyalty.) I'd tell you who the current frontrunner is...but then again, you wouldn't take a look for yourself...

One of John Hartford's best -- perfect if you're planning on spending any time on the water this summer:

Yours truly has posts up on two other sites: Penny Thots, where I hang out periodically, and Midlife Finance, a new site I've just started writing for. Enjoy!

Penny Thots has The Best Things in Life Are Free: Or Maybe Not!
   as well as Chickens: Are They For You?

Midlife Finance has  What Do You Really Want?

If you're still debating what to think about all the Chick-Fil-A fuss, I'd recommend going to the source. (The link's here.) Read what Mr. Cathy said. Many of the people who are getting most upset are responding to what the media said about his words -- not what he actually said, not what his restaurant chain's credo is, word-for-word.
     We do still live in a country where we are allowed to hold varying opinions, thank God.

And have a peaceful week.

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