Friday, August 17, 2012

Thank God It's Friday

This is pretty much how my week has gone...

but things are looking up.

 The Brick got the computer working.  (Yay!!! I'm lucky to be married to such a smart guy!!!)

It's definitely cooler. Lucky for that -- I felt like body parts were going to start melting off.

The deadlines are slowly but surely going under. Whoo hoo! They're not completely done yet -- something I'd hoped for by today. But they're getting much closer.

And I've seen the entire last season of Frazier, plus nearly all of Wild Wild West's second season, while I've been working on the quilt restoration. (The Brick's heard the WWW theme song so often, he can actually 'cluck' it.) Hey, only intellectual stuff for this egghead.

According to the trivia section, Robert Conrad did a lot of his own stunts -- and split his pants a lot, as a result. You can see why, watching the show...but they're surprisingly good, for being nearly 50 years old.
    I had a huge crush on ol' Robert when I was a kid...and wangled away Little Brother's Wild Wild West lunchbox as a sentimental souvenir. What a guy.

Hope you're headed for a restful weekend. I'm not -- have a barbecue tonight, and tea with a friend/Rockies baseball game. (Not that they're doing that great.) Plus finishing more deadlines. Hopefully Monday will be much more serene.

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