Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Newest Book Giveaway Has Just Been Born!

by Jennifer Sampou & Carolyn Schmitz   (C&T)

Have any baby or toddler quilts in your near-future? You'll love this easy pattern book of bright, cheerful pieces --more than 30 of them. And they range all over, from quilts and bedding accessories to a lampshade, wooden picket fence headboard...even a painted floorcloth!
    This book will be someone's playpen FREE in the next few weeks. Just take a minute to mention your favorite baby patterns -- that's one entry. Add, in a separate post, whether you subscribe to this blog or 'follow' it -- and that's 3 more!

Giveaway entries end Sept. 6 at midnight. We'll randomly pick a winner, and notify you. P.S. Please be sure to leave your name, or a contact link of some kind. Posting anonymously doesn't give us any way to contact you! At least one would-be winner lost out on a book giveaway because of this already.

Good luck, and happy baby thoughts.


lynaeve said...

Thanks for the chance, I like to use 9 patch for baby quilts

lynaeve said...

I'm a follower

BettyFH said...

I like appliques such as Sunbonnet Sue, butterflys and animal patterns in 30's fabrics, or Sunbonnet Sam.

Anonymous said...

I tend to use the same pattern over and over. I'm not that great a quilter but maybe some day I will branch out and try something new!I'm so behind right now and there's one more grandchild on the way!

anonymous is fine with me. Just letting you know I've been here!

Cindy Brick said...

Lynaeve, you've won yourself a book! Please e-mail us at cindyjbrick@gmail.com with your snail mail address, so we can get it on the way.

Thank you for entering, all of you.

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