Thursday, August 9, 2012

There's A New Crazy At the Brick House...

...and it's a quilt!  Look at this beauty:

The real gems, though, are in its details.

    A nice crisp Benjamin Harrison campaign ribbon:

If you'll remember, Harrison was our 23th president, making this ribbon (and most probably the quilt)  c.1889. It's easy to mix him up with his grandpa, William Henry Harrison, our ninth president, who died in 1841.

Lovely apple blossoms (innocence, if you know your Language of Flowers):

Another nice floral detail:

 Polished cotton backing. Yes, this is machine-quilted. I've seen it before on Crazies from the Victorian period; it must have been popular back then.

Ooh, ooh, ooh. Won't my students enjoy this one! 

If you'd like to learn more about Crazy quilts, try my book CRAZY QUILTS. You'll find it on Amazon and the Brickworks website. Warning: it's addictive. You might end up as crazy as me!


Betty said...


gocrazywithme said...

I saw that on Ebay and I'm so glad it found a home where it will be appreciated and loved. The apple blossom painting is beautifully done!

Cindy Brick said...

I couldn't help myself! I am a sucker for political ribbons, anyways. And the top I usually show for ribbons is starting to show some wear from traveling, poor baby. It can stay at home and rest, and I'll bring this one.
The price was very moderate -- but I didn't pay it. Did a Best Offer, instead. I'll give it a good home, and it can meet lots of people. :)
Thanks for writing, both of you.

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