Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Giving the Rose Bowl A Whole New Meaning

This is a new one...'College Rose' bouquets designed for the collegiate sports-lover in you!

FTD's come out with bi-colored rose bouquets celebrating 51 different universities, from 'Bama (red and white, naturally)

 to the University of Florida

(University of Miami's got an even more intriguing mix)

 to Notre Dame's Fighting Irish.

All in appropriate colors, of course. They're shipped with matching etched glass vases  in "collegiate gift boxes" (whatever the heck that is).
    This may be the perfect present for that college football-loving friend. You know, the one that's hard to buy for.
    Go here for photos of all bouquets, plus ordering information

The University of Michigan version...go blue!

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