Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: The Travel Edition

I haven't done much wandering around the Internet this week, between packing and getting ready for The Mama's visit. She's house-sitting the dogs and chickies while we're in Washington.
     I did find a few goodies, though: 

What it's like to be poor, by John Scalzi. Straight to the heart, and thoughtful. (A little sad, too.)

Palette and scrap wood furniture -- made easy. (Thanks, Merrill & Her List Making Life.) A few posts back, she's got a crazy-quilt painted chicken coop... take a look!

At first glance, this is just a colored strip -- click on it, and you'll find a whole raft of unusual how-to tips superimposed on photos. (Example: use the hollow handle of a dustpan to transfer sink faucet water to a bucket...easily!)

Virginia Avery, a quilt legend, passed away -- she would have been 100 years old the end of this month. (She was on The Quilt Show in 2007 -- see more about her here.) She was an amazing person with the energy of a much younger woman. If you have a quilted vest or jacket in your closet, she had an influence on you -- quilted, pieced and painted wearables, especially, were heavily in her debt.

one of Ginny's books...

Good news and bad on the job front -- a post from yours truly over at Mid-Life Finance.

A plea from a mom to her third-grade son, to have compassion for the kids who need his kindness. See if you don't get a lump in your throat on this one.

We don't make much sense to the feline population -- we do such foolish things!

And in honor of our jaunt into Canada, an ode to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers:

Have a great week. 

P.S. "Lynaeve" (Maria Eads), you've won the Jennifer Sampou baby book! Congratulations!

We'll post the next book giveaway soon --

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