Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Mama...and Fall Foods

    It's been an interesting few weeks. 

Now that we've been home for a few days, life has settled into a groove...and an easy one, at that. We were used to getting up and trudging out to the chicken coop to let the girls out. But by the time we get up, the Mama has opened the coop door, fed and watered the chickens, and fed the dogs, as well!

Oh, the advantages of having a relative who lives in a time zone two hours later than yours. (The Mama's home is Michigan; we, of course, live in Colorado.)

She house-sat while we were in Washington. Now we're back, she's started mothering us, along with the animals -- dishes washed, floors swept, cookies made and lots of pesky little chores accomplished for Brickworks. Whoa -- I could get used to this!

But alas, it ends soon. She's headed home early next week. Charley & Abby will miss her. (I'm not sure about the chickie girls -- they look so wild-eyed that it's hard to say what they're up to.) We will miss her. But her other kid and grandchildren need her, too.

* * * * * * * *

The weather is definitely starting to cool, although the trees are a bit slow to change yet. Fall -- what a wonderful time of year.

You might enjoy my articles at Penny Thots about two favorites of the season:

An Apple A Day Keeps the Fall in Play (plus all the reasons that you should buy, eat and store apples)

And a love song to that spiciest of flirtations: the green chili. The scent of green chilies roasting is one of the West's first hints that Fall is on its way.


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