Friday, October 19, 2012

Going Hunting...and HUGE News

A correction. I'm not headed out the door in stylish blaze orange. Daughter #2 and the Brick are busy getting out every other possession we own (at least the camping-related ones) and stuffing them all in the trailer. A container of chicken and dumplings is waiting in the refrigerator, and chili is cooking in the crockpot for another meal. They'll make do on sandwiches, hot dogs and canned stuff for the rest. And instant oatmeal - tons of it.

Plus... eggs!!!!! Yes, one of our chickens finally produced a tiny brown egg this morning. Hooray! We scrambled it up for breakfast - a firm golden thing next to the pale yellow eggs from King Soopers. I'm hoping the chickie in question is inspiring her fellow hens to go forth and multiply.

I've got my own packing to do, for next week's trip to the Georgia State Guild. (Plus two other day-long classes, both on memory quilts.) Should be fun!

Two Crazies for the Batik Butik need to be finished up, for their booth at Houston's International Quilt Festival this month. Now, if the hunters would go on their merry way, so I can get some work done...

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