Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Haunted Hotels

Do you enjoy traveling? TRAVELZOO is one of your best bets for saving money on hotels, flights and resorts. (It's easy to sign up, by the way...just go to the website and leave your e-mail address. Free, of course - and no obligation to buy anything.) Every week, they host what they call the 'Top 20' deals. One of today's is a lulu:

Discounts on haunted hotels nationwide!

The Omni Parker House's founder, Henry Parker, likes to stop in guests' rooms and inquire about their stay.  He's been dead since 1884... but why should that matter?  [Boston, MA]

The Hotel Coronado's beaches are haunted by Kate Morgan, who committed suicide there after her husband abandoned there. Kate still enjoys strolling the beach, "the black silhouette of her long skirt leaving no trace in the sand." (She's probably shocked by the hotel's current offer: nearly 50% off!)  [San Diego, CA]

The Driskill Hotel's founder, Colonel Driskill, was so proud of the place he built that he continues to hang out there, leaving cigar ashes and burning lights in his wake. A few suicidal brides liven up the festivities, as well.  [Austin, TX]

The Sheraton Read House was a hospital for Union troops during the Civil War...and is still guarded by soldiers who don't seem to know that they've been mustered out for more than 150 years.  [Chattanooga, TN]

Go here for more information on these and other haunted hotels, including room rates -- and specials! Brrrr....

(Frank confession: I've been in at least three of Colorado's 'haunted' hotels, including the Stanley in Estes Park; the Palace in Salida; and the Peck House in Empire. Never saw, heard or felt a thing, other than some uneasiness. Darn.)

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