Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Marching (Well, Flying) to Georgia

I heard from the Mighty Hunters...Daughter #2 got a shot off at a buck yesterday, but missed. They only saw two doe today.
     A big storm is moving into the mountains: two days of much colder, snowier temperatures. I'm guessing that the animals are hunkered down already, waiting for the worst of it to be over. Fortunately, the MH are staying in a heated camper with a cookstove. Plenty of already-cooked chili, as well as chicken and dumplings. A ton of other food, as well. They'll have time to play cards and tell stories. They'll be ok.

It is amazing, how few interruptions I had yesterday. Put on the first Jimmy Stewart cowboy movie ("Naked Spur") and started sewing. The fabrics were singing together, and all the seams were fitting smoothly. Had a cup of tea, and remembered all over again how much fun it is to sew when things are going well. Put on another Jimmy movie: this time, my favorite, "The Far Country." Cut some more patches - they fit beautifully. Whoo hoo!
     Before I knew it, I'd watched 5 Jimmy Stewart Westerns, from "Night Passage" to "The Rare Breed." The top was done - wow. And the clock chimed -- 5 a.m. 

Still more packing for Georgia to be done. I'm headed for the Georgia Quilt Council's annual convention. Two days of classes for the Chamblee Star (Oct. 25) and Misty Mountain quilt guilds (Oct. 26) (both days on memory quilts), then the state convention on Oct. 27: a morning of appraising and a talk on Quilts with Secrets, with an emphasis on flowers, fans and handkerchiefs. Curious? Come see! Go to this link to find out more. There are still a few open spots in the classes -- not many, but a few.

I can tell you one thing: it'll be snowing in Colorado later this week. But not where I'm headed!

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