Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clean It Out, Scrub It Down, Make It Work

...that's my theme for this week.

I am sick and tired of all these piles of stuff -- leftovers from the Mighty Hunters (gloves, orange Day-Glo backpacks, muddy boots), flotsam and jetsam from Worship Team (sheet music, notebooks), and all the paperwork that's accumulated while I've been gone a lot these past few months. A quilt teacher's busiest time is in the fall -- guilds aren't afraid that you'll miss your plane because of a blizzard, and people are still planning to Make Things for the holidays. Come mid-November, that flow stops, just as if the spigot were turned off for the season. It can't come soon enough!

One more gig to head for first: the New Mexico Quilters Association is meeting this weekend (Nov. 18-19) in Albuquerque. Yours truly will be teaching a how-to-make-and-embellish-Crazies class on Sunday, and a lecture on Quilts of the Golden West Monday morning. The Crazies class is almost full, but there's space at the lecture.  Check here for more information -- I'd love to see you there!

Sigh...back to work. The best part of all this trudging and scrubbing means cleaner shelves (we're also donating books, coats and such), more room in the hallways and a less frenetic environment.

    I've also been moving bookshelves, boxes and such to different areas, changing up on storage. Funky Junk Interiors is great for repurposing inspiration -- including this remake of a large shelving unit into entryway storage lockers -- I never would have thought of doing that!
    From this...

Yep...looks like our newlywed shelving. Kind of blocky and beat-up.
Much more interesting...but I'd paint it turquoise blue or gunmetal gray.
...to this. Wow. Thanks for sharing, Curbside Collector! (Go here for specifics. Here, too.)

    So it will be cleaner around here. And tidier. Until Thanksgiving. Then the girlies and Keith arrive, and it starts all over again.

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