Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Doggy Days...and Waiting

It's finally here -- the day we have both dreaded and looked forward to. Election Day.

All I can say is...thank God. We don't have cable anymore, to be pestered by those commercials. So-- like all of you -- it's meant enduring the seemingly endless 'facts,' (ha) innuendos and insults on the Internet. Because Colorado is considered a 'swing' state, we get plenty of phone calls, too.


It's a bright, crisp day here in the Centennial State. Our neighbor is cutting down his decades-old cottonwood tree, an event our so-called guard dogs have yet to notice. Unfortunately, he keeps angling the chain saw far above his head (a huge no-no), and cutting in a way that huge branches keep crashing down on him -- and his roof. It's a dangerous guessing game: will this piece of trunk take him with when it falls?
     The Brick and I have been arguing -- who's going over to ask about the wood? Our neighbor doesn't have a woodstove or fireplace, so far as we know. We do.

I thought of Charley and Abby, our brave and alert watchdogs, when I saw this video. You'll enjoy it, too: 
 the ten guiltiest dogs on the Internet.

Now let's get this over with. 

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