Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: VOTE!!

It's been an odd week here at Chez Brick. Piles of hunting clothes, dirty pots, things like that have finally been hauled out of the camper, and are waiting to be cleaned and put away. They've joined the quilting suitcases, which are in the process of being re-filled for an upcoming gig in Albuquerque for the New Mexico state guild. 
   So basically stuff is Everywhere. (Don't tell the Brick that I am glad, in some ways, the Mighty Hunters didn't get an animal. We're not desperate for the meat, freezer-wise, and it would be one more thing to have to take care of.) 
   You have one more thing to take care of -- and soon -- if you haven't, already. And that's to VOTE!! Even if you're not sure of the best decisions, better to vote than not to vote at all. It's our right as Americans - and a privilege that not everyone in the world has. Don't miss out. 
   Some items that wandered out into the field of vision this past week:

A charmer of a backyard garden, thanks in part to a spring that's been channeled into a streambed. (Note the way the owners have chunked out the fence, so branches can grow between. Nice.)

A thorough look at preparing for emergencies, thanks to Frugal Upstate -- and Hurricane Sandy. Part 1 is here; Part 2 is here.

Speaking of...a mother and daughter blog their way through Hurricane Sandy. Lots of photos and tense moments here -- makes you want to find your own twenties-something kids, and hug them. ("Mommmm," the girlies would protest...)

From Faithful with a Few: why they chose to make a loan to a friend, anyway.

How much are your thoughts really worth -- enough to pay for them to get top shelf on Facebook? This post from Penny Thots, my stomping grounds, is worth thinking about. (But not paying for on Facebook...)

Simple Dollar's take on teaching kids about money. A good step-by-step approach. 

A very cool science book collection is coming up for auction...including some Galileo books! Find out more here.

Money for nothing -- from Daily Money Shot. Another look at grocery shopping on a budget.

Have a good week. And may the best man (or woman) for our country win. 


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