Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Stuff On the Way To Other Stuff: Happy Veteran's Day

Today's the day to remember and thank those who spent years of service -- and their lives -- in defending our country. These blood ties run strong in our family -- not only did my dad, grandpa and uncle serve (Korea and WWII, respectively), but the Brick's dad, stepfather and brothers were all career military. (Navy, Marines, Air Force and Navy) And the Brick served 6 years in the Navy himself, on a submarine and surface ship. 
    I am so grateful.

More on the way to the Internet:

23 surefire ways to make extra money, according to Len Penzo. (Buying unusual domain names and reselling them? That's a new one...but the Brick made a healthy profit selling a domain name he'd considered using for a business.)

If standing up/lying down or other quirks of famous writers did the trick for them, would it work for me? It's a thought, at least...

Paint your porcelain knobs with permanent marker! This method is an easy redo for bathroom or kitchen -- and makes for interesting jewel-toned results. (Thanks, It's All Connected.)

Should you support someone in ministry who's living better than you? This poster argues that it's all in your perspective -- I'm not sure I agree. Maybe this should be considered case by case. 

Turn your Halloween pumpkin into homemade pumpkin puree, courtesy of Creating Naturally. Then you can make a pie! (A nice recipe is here.) Discovered this season that the chickens LOVE pumpkin! (We're currently up to two eggs a day. Out of 9 chickens. Hope springs eternal.)

Just Plane Etiquette, a post by yours truly on Penny Thots

Skint in the City, a new blog I've been reading. The Brit point of view is a turn-on, but so are the posts, so far, including one on fashion, and suggestions on throwing a frugal cocktail party.  She doesn't post a lot -- but what's there is interesting.

A skeleton is found entwined in the roots of a large oak toppled by Hurricane Sandy. Turns out the body is probably a yellow fever or smallpox victim from the 18th or early 19th century, originally buried in a New Haven, CT cemetery. When the cemetery was closed, the headstones were moved -- but apparently the bodies were not. A passerby noticed the skull and backbone the day before that's a freaky way to celebrate!

Here's another strange one: a prison inmate has a heart attack and thinks he's dying. He says to the guard, " I need to get something off my conscience and you have to hear this." He then confesses to beating a woman to death back in 1995. But oops -- he survives! Now, in spite of trying to recant the confession, he's going back to jail for life. Should have made sure it really was a deathbed confession. 
    (For another look at this subject, the top 10 deathbed confessions are here. Don't miss the other list links on this same page, including 10 famous people who lived through 9/11, and 10 survivors at sea.)

Making little clothes from big ones...a guest post at Stacy Makes Cents, continued over at the contributor's site, Young in the Mountains. I hate seeing good clothes go to waste...and it would be a real kick, to see your favorite kid modeling a sweater you've loved for years.

An intriguing look at Hurricane Sandy, via timelapse in New York City:

Have a good week. 

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