Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Running in!

It's been National Appraisal Day...didn't you know that? Ok, it really isn't -- but I've been hustling people in and out all day today, doing appraisals before I leave tomorrow to spend a few days with The Mama in Michigan. Plus washing clothes. Ironing. Putting things away. Stuff like that. 
    I'll make it, but sometimes I feel like the Red Queen in Alice -- I may be holding still, but I need to run hard to stay there! 
    The chickies have been champs all week...other than a lackluster three eggs yesterday, we've scored 6-7 eggs daily all week. They were a big help with all those pies and company, and Girlie #1 was able to take a dozen home with her after Thanksgiving. 
    While I'm packing, you may enjoy these bits & wits on the Internet:
 DIY holiday gift ideas, thanks to And Then We Saved.  (An even better list is at The Simple Dollar -- look here.) She also has a 'how-to-cut-thick-bangs' tutorial. (Yes, I know this has nothing to do with Christmas gifts. Helpful, nonetheless.)

You too can catch Santa in the act -- by producing photographic evidence, with your own tree and/or fireplace. A little weird, but certainly innovative!

The appliances in Aging in Wonder's house hum in b flat. Ours are a bit lower....but the alarm that keeps going off at the Michael's down the hill is WAY higher. An interesting exercise in listening.

Super-rich Southern California couple promises $5 million to an art museum in Kansas City. Said museum builds a new building, based on that promise...but with only a million actual cash in hand. Couple goes broke, and says 'sorry.' Museum sues. careful what you promise! Go here for the latest on this interesting case
    An interesting twist to this idea -- Coloradoans were horrified (and mesmerized) when Quest's former chairman, Joe Nacchio, was sentenced to prison and fined for fraud a few years back. Not only did a lot of investors lose money, but Quest employees had their pension plans stripped because of Nacchio's actions. We know several people whose retirement literally evaporated overnight.
    When Nacchio's conviction was mentioned, a teacher I know (not a Coloradoan, btw) raved about what a shame it all was -- that Nacchio had been such a prominent supporter of the arts in California. Yeah, with other people's money, I thought. Put him in with Bernie, and let them scam each other!

The world's funniest signs, from Travel and Leisure.

Ya think?!
Have a good week. I'll check in now and then, to see how you're doing.

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