Thursday, November 22, 2012

Up At (Or Before) The Crack of Dawn

Notice the time stamp? 

Actually, we've been awake since a little after 3. "Are you sure you'll be ready?" Our friends called several times yesterday, asking just that -- they've got a 6 a.m. flight to Houston this morning, and needed a ride to DIA. The Brick volunteered to go, and let me sleep in, but doors slamming and engines running fixed that.

Besides, I had to get the turkey in the oven. This year, it's Trisha Yearwood's recipe, which calls for cooking it at 500 degrees for an hour in a sealed pan, then turning the oven off and waiting for 5-7 hours. (No peeking.) She says this will produce the tenderest, most juicy turkey.
    I hope she's right.

The pies are done: pumpkin and 'pay-can.' Pumpkin for our oldest girlie, who can't get enough of it. Pecan for the Brick, who suddenly remembers his North Carolina ("-lahna") roots this time of year. A pumpkin cheesecake, for our friends Dan and Sharon. Cookies to fill in around the edges.

A cup of coffee, then mop the floor. Turn the oven off. (The aroma is already starting.) The Brick will be back by then, and we'll celebrate by --
    Going back to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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