Thursday, December 27, 2012

Monday...Fine, Thursday Stuff on the Way to More Stuff

How could it be Thursday already!?!.It's been nice to be with the family, as well as sleep in some...but some things need to get done before the new year -- and I need to finish them. Then it's back to restoring a crazy quilt for a client. Weather's cold, nippy and a bit snowy here; perfect weather for quilt restoration. 

A very funny look at the Fred Hill Briefcase Drill Team:
and in keeping with such silliness...

21 rude responses to bossy notes. (Yes, there are some vulgar ones -- skip them if needed.)

A bunch of gas-saving tips, from Donna Freedman's Frugal Nation. Where are the doom-and-gloom experts who insisted that gas was going to be $4.00 a gallon by the end of 2012? Probably hiding...

A very interesting food blog -- Fusion on the Fly. (It also seems to be called Stirringthepotharlem; at least, you get two different sets of posts, but the same voice.) I heard about Karl Wilder when he did a week of food based on foodstamps...then decided to continue the experiment. Now he's adapting his diet for diabetics, as well. (Good for him. A lot of people with limited incomes struggle with this -- it can only help.)
    I think I may be trying the 'foodstamp diet' in a week or two, and publishing results. Stay tuned.

Quilt backs can be just as creative as quilt fronts...and Lori Baker, Quilter's Newsletter editor, proves it. Some inspirational stuff here -- you could clean out a lot of leftovers at the same time!

Chalk paint. It's smooth, trendy, and the surface to be painted doesn't need prep work beforehand! The bad part: chalk paint is twice as much as regular paint. Make your own, thanks to I Heart Naptime.  

 A very pretty holiday sign, from found-by-the-side-of-the-road wood. Plus directions on how to make it, thanks to Roadkill Rescue. 

A huge bunch of holiday snacks and drinks, courtesy of Stephanie at Keeper of the Home. Everything from hot chocolate to eggnog, and all sorts of goodies in between -- more than 20!

Why listening to your career counselor isn't always the best thing -- from Get Rich Slowly. Finding a job is tough, especially when you're competing. Not only is the advice helpful on this post, but actual sample letters are included. Good stuff if you're looking for work, or thinking of changing jobs.

The results from the latest George Armstrong Custer artifacts auction -- yow! Now you know what you should be collecting...

Hope your week's going well.

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