Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Now What?

We had a great-but-busy Christmas with the girlies, Angel's boyfriend Keith and his mom Christine. And the Seven Fish Dishes were a great success. But after everyone went home, the Brick felt like the family chauffeur (he had to take everyone to their respective places), and I was the household dishwasher. (An incredible amount of dishes!) It was almost a relief to be by ourselves again, with no dishes to wash or things to pick up after.

Today is our anniversary - 31 years! The Brick is still the wonderful, engaging guy I met and married so long ago. Maybe a little more gray in his beard (a lot in my hair!), but that quiet, intense man I love so much is very much there.
    Happy Anniversary, David.

And for you -- another engaging item. The Nativity Story, as told by children...


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