Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Two-Present Christmas

   Have you read Crystal Paine's Money Saving Mom site?

You should.

    This website is chockful of coupons, discounts and great ideas for spending less on everything. It also has a huge batch of guest posts on better living ideas. Homeschoolers and people on gluten-free diets will find it especially helpful, since Crystal has both in her life, and often mentions these subjects.

Crystal's post on a Christmas with no presents hit a chord. (Dave Ramsey also profiled her experience recently, though I learned more from her look back at her experience.) 
   We never went this deep, though we scraped the barrel pretty dry some years. There was the "Thrift Shop Christmas," with nearly all our presents coming from that wonderful place. (Some still do, years later!) There was the "Homemade Goodie Christmas," with gingerbread men in the Christmas stockings. And the "Fish Dishes Christmas" (here too) has become a treasured event every year.

     This Christmas, our situation is easier -- but the girlies are both on short rations. Few or no presents don't matter to us, but they feel bad about it. So here's the solution: we've all pledged to give each other two presents. Just two. Plus stocking presents.
      You know what? It is freeing. They are getting more in their stockings than usual. (Had to put those already-purchased items somewhere.) But now I don't have to hustle around at the last minute, looking for stuff.


Peg Howard said...

for the last 8 years or so- we SHOP around the house- rule is you cant buy anything- but anything already purchased within the house or garage is far game. We have never laughed so much for so many Christmases- This is what we do for each other- we get real creative- my favorite so far has been the Christmas tater-wrapped to the hilt...I laughed till i cried...

Cindy Brick said...

This is a new one, Peg! Good for you and your family, to adapt so well.
If you all work together for solutions to issues, you all 'own' the results. I never had kids, so they could buy me lavish presents. Fortunately, they feel the same...about having us finance them, that is.
Thanks for writing -- I'm glad you did.

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