Sunday, December 2, 2012

What Does Everyone Else Think?

     I know how the Brick and I have handled our finances...but I'm not always sure how others have done it.
    The truth is -- they have. And they haven't. CNN Money hosts an ongoing feature called "America's Money: In Their Own Words." Currently, 65 different families are ringing in with comments. Some sound scared; they're facing bankruptcy, or are gradually losing the battle against foreclosure. Others herald their decisions to spend frugally and cut expenses, including living in a smaller house.
     One recurrent theme, though, is the cost of gasoline. If these families' words are any gauge, the increased price of gas is badly affecting us as a country, both for work and recreation.
     Have they always made wise decisions? Definitely not. Fortunately, though, nearly every family is realizing it now, at least. Better late than never. 
     Take a look here. You'll have to flip from page to page -- but it's worth it.

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A foggy day in Michigan...helped the Mama put up her Christmas tree, and arrange lights in her outdoor planters. Her house has a holiday feel now. Just a few days, and I can go put some Christmas stuff in mine, as well!

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