Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just Flew In From Chicago...

...and boy, are my arms tired.

Daughter #2 and I repeated the November trip to go see the Mama. We took the single daily Spirit flight from Denver to Chicago; other than crabby attendants and a full plane, the flight was the same. Reasonably comfortable seats, your basic 2-hour flight...and we saved a BUNCH of money. ($90 roundtrip.)

Then we stayed overnight in a hotel and caught a 7:30 a.m. Megabus out of Chicago. In spite of rain (that eventually turned to snow), we did just fine, and got into Grand Rapids around noon. (Daughter did complain that the WiFi connection kept fading in and out. Other than that, everything went as before. Including the price: $8.50 roundtrip for both of us.) Foggy and rainy for the rest of the time -- it's supposed to turn to ice and cold the next few days.

We're here for a week, and the Mama has big plans for us, including a stop in Frankenmuth, Michigan's Christmas capital. (They have good chicken dinners, too.)

I'll be in touch.

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