Thursday, January 10, 2013

Midweek Update...Beasts of the Southern Wild and a book sale!

Now I know why I'm been dealing with this strange malaise for the past week...think I'm coming down with (or out of) the flu! The haze lifted slightly, and I'm back to thinking clearly.
    Sort of.

Thought you'd find these updates interesting. If you're not down with the flu, that is.

The Holiday Goodies blog continues with the soup series: it's beef stew today. (With or without barley - I personally would rather be hung upside-down and pecked at by wild birds, than eat barley. My family likes it, though.)

The chickies have been in an egg slowdown -- only 5 or so eggs a day. It may be the weather (cold, windy) or what the Brick refers to as a "reset:" they seem to change their usual patterns every third week or so. Or maybe we're going into a molt. Since we don't speak 'chick-ese,' who knows. I'll cut up another pumpkin (their favorite food) for them tonight. Maybe that will put them in the mood.

More of yours truly's posts are out on Penny Thots: one on preventing the sniffles, the other on Grandma's silverware.

Midlife Finance has my latest on resolving your future in 2013.

Beasts of the Southern Wild was nominated for Best Picture! And its star got the nod for a Best Actress nomination -- at 9 years old, the youngest to do so. (It was her first movie.) The film's young director -- and this guy's young, too -- got nominated for Best Director, too. What a surprise! This is one unusual flick -- but well worth seeing.

   As usual, there were other surprises -- why Argo was nominated for Best Picture, but its director, Ben Affleck, got zip. (He probably doesn't mind as much, since his picture was recognized.) Several other weird omissions, too. Academy Award surprises and snubs are here. 

Mercury glass update: if you liked the initial look, Interiors by Kenz has a lighter version, more see-through. She uses the same basic technique as the girl I mentioned, but adds vinegar and water. Go here for the full tutorial.

   Kenz also has a very interesting post on making and mounting 'engineer prints' -- those large-scale beauties that you can use for home dec. Like her dog, shown below:

We're still having trouble with someone trying to crash the party at the Brickworks website. They haven't actually hacked the site, my IT guy assures me, but are trying to piggyback onto it. And Google doesn't like it. (Well, we don't, either.) We've cleared things away twice, but they keep coming back. I've decided to move to a different host, anyways -- that may happen sooner than planned.
     At any rate, if you're interested in a copy of my books, HANKY PANKY CRAZY QUILTS or QUILTS OF THE GOLDEN WEST, here's a "We're still here special:"

HANKY PANKY CRAZY QUILTS     $11.95 (including free shipping)

QUILTS OF THE GOLDEN WEST     $17.95 (including free shipping)

Buy them both, and we'll cut the price to $24.95!

 Just e-mail me personally at; we accept money orders, Paypal or Mastercard/Visa.

And thanks for your patience. This is soooo frustrating, but it too will pass. Like the flu.

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