Friday, January 25, 2013

Now, THAT'S Unusual Fabric!

Spoonflower Fabrics has regular design contests...and if you haven't visited them, you should. Now that retail fabric prices have gone up, Spoonflower's prices for one-of-a-kind fabrics are almost reasonable. (And terrific during a sale!)
    I love their stuff for adding zip to scrap and memory quilts. (And they cut beautifully for small details and accents.) Along comes the latest contest:


That's right -- every one of the top ten prints has a secret within the fabric design. Here's the winner, "Who Poisoned the Roses?" by chicca_besso. (Order some here.)

Plus oddball stuff like  "Killed: Two Birds With One Stone." (I'll let you look up that one.)

Go here to see the entries -- very, very cool.

 Your bee neighbor probably won't have these in her next quilt!

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