Thursday, January 17, 2013

Trying to Lose Weight. Again.

It's not fun, lugging this bulky body around. And to make things worse, there are still leftover chocolates and cookies hanging around from Christmas. (It helps that they're getting a bit stale -- not as tempting that way.)
    If Financial Samurai is right, trying to lose weight won't matter -- because I'm genetically predisposed to this body shape. (I do have the plumpness shared by my mom, and her mom before her.) On the other hand, though, there are plenty of thin relatives hanging on the family tree. Why couldn't I take their cue, instead?

So here I go, with a practical course of action:

I won't make a New Year's resolution about this. Like everyone else on the planet. It doesn't help -- and I break it posthaste. I don't want to do it anymore.

I will do more walking, digging, and lifting. The doctor said to include 20 min. of "something that makes you sweat" 2-5 times a week. I'm trying to do that. (Putting away stuff downstairs is helping. So is cleaning out the chickens' coop.) 

I will do more basic exercising. Touching toes, leg lifts, stuff like that. A few minutes a day, at least.

I will eat more greens and fruit. Especially apples - a large bowl of them is on the coffee table right now, gleaming away. (They look lovely in the firelight.)

I will eat soup -- lots of it. Seems to fill you up faster than any other food.  (You'll find some great versions over at the Holiday Goodies blog, by the way.)

I will not buy Tostitos' 'Touch of Lime' chips. Can't keep my hands off 'em. (Sigh.)

If you've got some ideas on this subject, share 'em. Let's get through this together.

Ate a green pepper was delicious

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Judee said...

Hi- I found that a cleanse works great to start. After that got to and learn about juicing and the vegan lifestyle. Health is veggies. Reading and learning is the best.

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