Saturday, February 16, 2013

Carbmaster Yogurt: A Review

Yogurt can make all the difference between stomach health -- and not.

The Brick (as well as Daughter #1) has struggled with digestion problems ever since he was little. He's tried all sorts of possibilities, but the easiest was a regular intake of yogurt. Its active cultures keep his stomach collywobbles down to a bare minimum. (And, considering how little I can get him to drink milk, I feel better knowing that he's ingesting a healthy slug of dairy products, too.)

He doesn't care for artificial sweeteners. He'd prefer his yogurt unmessed with.

Enter the Kroger Carbmaster line. 
     Not only can you get all sorts of flavors with Carbmaster, they have the added benefit of being low in sugar. The Brick has tried several flavors, and found them nice and creamy, without that nasty aftertaste you can sometimes get in yogurt.
     Kroger's Greek yogurt is more tart than its regular line -- perfect for taking sour cream's place on tacos or a nice crispy baked potato. I am not a 'sweet' girl, and really prefer this tart version for general eating purposes, as well.

 You can find full information, including calorie count, about Carbmaster here. What's not to like about less than 100 calories, plus vitamins and an 11% shot of your daily iron needs...not to mention minimal fat.

Disclosure: I did receive some discount coupons for this yogurt line. (It was sponsored by the BzzAgent program, which I've just started participating in.) But honestly, I'd write this anyways...this yogurt is just plain Good Stuff. If you prefer good basic yogurt with a creamy taste that's just right, sweetness-wise...this is the one to try.

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