Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way To Other Stuff: Getting A Fresh Grip on Life

It's a fresh new week...the Brick is (slowly) getting over a weekend bout of flu, and although I still have a ton of work to do, I feel like I'm getting a fresh start on things. Hopefully you feel the same way, too. While life goes on, you might enjoy: 

 99 Affordable date ideas, courtesy of Wisebread. Good for Valentine's Day! (This might help, too.)

Finding money to invest...even when you think you can't. Some good stuff via Get Rich Slowly.

Normally I don't put two posts from the same blog, but... Get Rich Slowly has this one, as well:
Keeping your kids money-savvy. Some very practical advice here!

'We spent no money on food in January.'  Free In Ten Years did it - wow. (They couldn't have done it without a pantry and planning, though.)

A coin rarities auction is gearing up, including George Walton's 1913 Liberty nickel.
These are amazingly rare - only 5 specimens have been found, so far. They were kept together in a proof set for decades, then broken up to sell to collectors. (Wikipedia has the story of all five.) In 2005, one nickel sold for $5 million. Yes, you read that right.

Building value in your finances in your twenties, an 'untraditional' approach. Actually, I'd call it a "not always listening to the so-called 'experts'" method. From Financial Samurai, and worth considering at any age.

Chris Kyle is killed. This sniper became famous. Turns out the kid wanted his new truck...

A bus driver is laid to rest, after trying to save his kids from a shooter. And he did...all but one. That boy was later rescued, after a weeklong standoff, and his abductor killed.
    I have a soft spot in my heart for these hardworking, little-recognized people. The Brick was a bus driver for years, and still works in the training and monitoring program for our county's school  transportation department.

A lady wakes up at her own funeral, has a heart attack from the shock, and dies again -- this time, permanently. You can hardly make these stories up -- they're so wacky.

Strom Thurmond's daughter, Essie Mae Washington, just died. Strom Thurmond's black daughter, that is.  Washington was the daughter of Thurmond and Carrie Butler.Thurmond was 22 and living in his family's home; Carrie, age 16, was the family maid. Thurmond, senator, governor and proud segregationist, never publicly acknowledged his daughter. But he did support her financially, and visited her regularly. To the end of her life, she seems to have kept her odd connection intact -- and with dignity. (She revealed the secret in 2003, after Thurmond's death: her story is here. No argument from the Thurmond family on this issue, by the way.)

"I don't believe he was a rascist at heart. And when times changed, he changed."
      Essie Mae Washington, of her father

    (Want to hear something equally strange? Al Sharpton's ancestors worked as slaves for Strom Thurmond's great-grandfather. Who would have thought that... )

Chinese Chicken Salad, from Southern Hospitality. Yum.

It's okay to fire someone for off-the-job marijuana use, even though marijuana use is technically now legal in Colorado. So says the Colorado Marijuana Task Force. (Can you feel the conflicting opinions whirling around in my state right now about this issue??)

Have a good week.

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