Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Southern Colorado

I know. I've been quiet.

The Brick and I are wandering about points south for a few days, celebrating his birthday -- and getting the heck away from our regular schedule. It's been refreshing. We're at the La Veta Inn, an old hotel with a reputation for being haunted. (More on this in the next post. Update: click here for the full skinny.) All I know is that the coffee's too good for ghosts! 
    While we're sleeping in (and going out for appetizers and margaritas), you might find these Internet tidbits interesting:

Cookie dough frosting...oh my. (From the Girl Who Ate Everything. Seriously. That's what she calls her blog.)

Six grocery store items that do wayyyy more than they're slated for. (Thanks, Len Penzo.) Coke, vinegar, paper towels, WD-40, fabric softener'll be amazed at what you can do with these basic products!

Want to be a Viking? Our neck of the West is overrun with Civil War and fur trapper reenactors...but not these guys.

"My poorest friend is one of the richest people I know." So says Financial Samurai. I'm not totally sold on this guy's methods for living, but it does give one pause.

A dozen ways to save in college, thanks to The College Investor. (I hope our girlies are reading this.)

A safer way to make money loaning through Prosper, Lending Club and others. Peter @ shares his method. Running filters like this is a little convoluted to this lit major...but studied carefully, they make better sense than just going in there and guessing who will be the more responsible debtor. If you've wanted to try this, do it this way -- interest and return rates are much better.
   P.S. His "super simple" approach is here. A little easier to understand, but he says it doesn't produce quite as much income.

And what do you do when you can't get two bucks' horns to separate? Shoot them apart.

Hey, it worked! Have a great week.


NMSue said...

Definitely want to hear about the haunted hotel in Le Veta. Details please and maybe a picture.

Cindy Brick said...

You bet, Sue! Look for the next post shortly...and yes, it includes photos.

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