Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wishing for Color...

Four inches of snow last night. Not enough to call school and keep the Brick home, snug in bed.

Just enough to please the dogs and bemuse our Georgia 'daughter,' Olivia, who's been staying here the past week. (I met her folks while teaching for the Georgia quilt guild last fall, and we became friends.) Olivia and I will go have sushi tonight with Daughter #1 -- then she (Olivia) heads south to the Springs and the Olympics training center. She'll be trying out for the Olympics volleyball team.

The chickens are fine, but crabby -- they're molting right now, so feathers are strewn more across the nests. They have three to choose from, but still insist on laying in the exact same nestbox. Sometimes there are three chickens in there, sitting on top of each other. One has gone "broody," and hangs out there for hours, trying to hatch eggs. (Ahem, lady. We have no rooster. Your hard work will not matter. Besides, I pulled the eggs out from underneath you some time back.)  Egg production's down because of molting. I have to be careful of our egg consumption, so our customers get the eggs they ordered.

I have plenty of work to do, but would really prefer to doodle around and look out the window instead. The dogs stay as close to to the heaters and fireplaces as they dare. (So do I, book and hot mug of tea in hand.)

Wishing for color...

Wishing for spring.

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