Monday, March 25, 2013

Historic Bling

The engagement ring Napoleon gave to his Josephine in 1796...well, it just sold at a French auction last week Saturday. Before that, it had remained in Josephine's family -- first given to her daughter, then her grandson, Napoleon III, and so on.
The appraisal 'expert' (snort) valued the pear-shaped diamond/blue sapphire combination (less than a carat each) at $20,000. (They based that on, I'm guessing, the actual stones and the gold setting. Sort of.)
     Guess what it sold for?
     You read that right. Not counting seller's premium and other fees. Which makes the final price about $1.17 million dollars. Bidding started at $50,000.

Read all about it here.
Behold, the value of provenance.

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