Friday, March 8, 2013

Looking Elsewhere...and Frozen Dead Guy Days

I get around.

Not saying that to emphasize my wilder tendencies (ahem), but I do write for other blogs. Right now, you can find a LOT of posts both at the Midlife Finance and Penny Thots websites. 

Midlife Finance has a lot of my finance-based posts, from buying the right house to  getting the best car insurance at the best price, and ten ways to get cash - fast. Penny Thots, on the other hand, ranges all over the place, from talking about the price of honesty (it should be price-less!) to musing on the delights of staying up late. Other stuff is in there too, from pennypinching on home dec to not wasting a crumb of bread.

Go take a look for yourself --

Midlife Finance is here.

Penny Thots is here.
    And if you're curious especially about me, yours truly's author pages are here. A number of great people write for this site, including Edward Antrobus and Mary Cunningham. 

Another snowstorm is moving in on the horizon. The Brick just checked in -- do we need milk or movies? (Hey, the staff of life around here, if you add pizza.) I was supposed to help out at a seniors luncheon for church, but it's already been cancelled. The flu I've been struggling with is still hanging on. It will be nice to stay close to home this weekend. 

But -- if you're going to be out and about, don't miss that wacky Colorado festival:

Frozen Dead Guy Days! 

That paragon of strange-but-fun events is this weekend, snow or not. It's got the usual mix of
    *Coffin Races
    *Frozen t-shirt contests
    *Ice Turkey Bowling
    *Polar Plunge

and all sorts of other oddities, including the frozen salmon toss. (Which Daughter #2's boyfriend won last year! Hey, he's a muscular Eskimo sort-- what can I say.)
     Strange costumes and much can also go visit Grandpa in the Tuff Shed. (Go to the link for a video on that one.) Let's put it this way -- you won't find events like this anywhere else in the country on this weekend.
     It's a LOT of fun. 


Have a fun weekend, yourself.

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