Sunday, March 3, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Plugging Away

Yow, what a week. I've spent most of it in a fog, hacking away and dragging around just to get the bare basics done. Lost my voice for a while. (It's still not completely back.) Had to cancel a class, missed out on a friend's fancy dinner...and just generally felt sorry for myself. (Slept a lot, too. Probably needed it.)
     While I figure out which end is up, you might find these dips into the Internet ocean interesting: 

Choosing the right paint colors every time. A good basic lesson from Mark, via Apartment Therapy. 

Yours truly has been quite busy over at Penny Thots, including posts on staying up late; the power of soup; and peanut butter recipes. See more here. 

I've been doing a lot on the Midlife Finance site, as well, including posts on getting started in the stock market; buying a car (and getting insurance for it); and choosing/buying a house.  Go here for more.

A pretty little rosette quilt, courtesy of the Turquoise Piano. Full tutorial -- made from a white twin-sized sheet!

A UFO streaks through a German tunnel...what in the world is it? (Maybe that's the point - it's not.)

Simple ways to make your current income go further. From Stacy Makes Cents.

No doubt Financial Samurai could benefit from that, after his latest post:
How to lose a million dollars. Hardly trying. Ouch.

Have a good week...

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