Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Product Review: The Glade Expressions Line

Just a few words about Glade's new Expressions line. 

Every now and then, I get a chance to be a 'BzzzAgent,' which means I get a free sample of new lines and products, and a chance to test them out. This time through, I got products from Glade, a brand whose spray products I use regularly, anyways. Glade's fragrances vary all over, from heavy fruity/flowery scents, to clean, crisp basic ones. I'm a huge fan of the basics, which made me especially curious about this new scent --

Cotton & Italian Mandarin. 
    I confess -- I wasn't too sure about mixing citrus with fresh linen. And there's definitely more 'citrus' than there is 'linen.' But this fragrance has a fresh smell, without being overpowering. I liked it! (Find out more about this fragrance here.)

     Glade's expressions line comes in two types: a spray refill enclosed by a holder (at right, above), and a diffuser (at left, above - the leaf-cut tan holder). I tried Cotton & Italian Mandarin in spray form. The idea is good: a spray can that doesn't look like one. (You get a printed plastic sleeve on the starter kit -- but it easily peels off, giving you a basic clean-looking holder. Nice.) The one drawback: you have to exert more pressure to get the can to spray. For anyone with grip/pressure problems or arthritis, that could develop into an issue. Generally, it's fine.

I also tried, in diffuser form:

Pineapple & Mangosteen.

Another confession upfront --  I am not a fruity person. (Well, in other ways, maybe...) The diffuser was easy to put together, and looks rather decorative. But it also works a little too well. Our smaller bathroom is literally filled with fragrance, and it's seeping out into the hallway. (It will go on like this for up to 30 days, according to Glade.) The smell is not a true fruity scent, more like a fruit-flavored chapstick. Hmmm.    (Find out more about this fragrance here.)

Starlit Evening. 
I like a clean, basic scent in my spray mists. In fact, if Glade had a straight lavender scent (no vanilla or other foufy stuff), I would have zipped over to it, like a bee to honey. But they didn't -- and I wanted to try another version beside the Cotton & Italian Mandarin in spray form.
    Enter Starlit Evening -- and what a surprise! Soft, fragrant, but not overpowering. Effective in clearing away excess odors, too. I really liked this one.  (Find out more about this fragrance here.)

So there you go. The diffuser is much more penetrating than just the spray mist -- and if you like the scent, it will be an effective way of keeping that area smelling fresh. The spray versions are much better for occasional touchups. As are many others in the Glade line. It's a good company with a long reputation for quality.

Please note: I didn't get paid for this review - but I did get some coupons for free and discounted products. The Bzzz agent program is good for that! If you're interested, take a look here.

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