Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Secret Confessions

Some bloggers are coming clean about their weird predilictions.

Nicole and Maggie secretly don't like kids (bigger ones, that is), wish their car had power locks, and:  "I waver between feeling arrogant and imcompetent."

Donna Freedman talks to herself (don't we all!), eats out of the pan, and says, "Sometimes I love the whole world. Sometimes the world can kiss my ass. Depends on the day."

Ok, well....hmmm.

I am not much into ass-kissing, but do have some things I'm willing to admit:

*'Heading to the store'  usually means the thrift shop. Unless it's groceries, dog food or shampoo.  I'll hit a craft or fabric store too, occasionally.

*I like crackers more than most people -- the seedier, the better. And other crunchy stuff: potato chips, corn chips, and most of all, Tostitos with Lime. I could eat a whole bag of Tostitos w/Lime at one sitting. For breakfast. Skip the dessert - just give me something crunchy and salty.

*Ever heard of Paladin on "Have Gun Will Travel?" If my heart didn't belong to the Brick, it would probably be Paladin's. Except he's too much of a lady's man for steady girlfriends.
And the show finished in 1963...when I was 5.
And Richard Boone's been dead since 1981, the year we married.  
  Doesn't matter.  I still learn from him.

*I have shelves and shelves of books on frugal living. The Millionaire Next Door. ('He's your buddy,' the Brick would say.) Possum Living and the Tightwad Gazette. Or cooking on a budget -- like the Cookbook for Poor Poets, or Good Cheap Food.  Memoirs of people who've been poor, lived in the slums, moved a lot, or had weird parents, books like Angela's Ashes and the Glass Castle. A goodly number of these focus on the Great Depression. I didn't have bad parents, and we're not starving or on the street. I just like reading about these; it's strangely comforting. (Fun to write about, too.)

 *I'll watch a movie. Any movie. Probably comes from growing up in a very conservative family, who viewed hanging around a theatre as So Wrong It's Not Funny. ("How do people know you're going to watch Disney...or something bad?" I did a lot of sitting on the bleachers, too, when we had dancing in gym class.)  The Brick and yours truly are careful about choices (ok, almost any movie), but just going into the theatre gives me a shiver of anticipation. And if there's popcorn too...

*I do not care for talk radio. Being married to the Brick, who loves it, and close friends with several others who dote on it, is a problem. I try hard to listen -- and keep my mouth shut.

*Even after all these years, I still have a thing for Bigfoot. Or Sausquatch. Or the Skunk Ape - whatever you want to call him. Daughter #2 even gave me a stained glass piece of a woods at twilight, with a large furry figure lurking in the background. It looks insanely cool at night, with a small light illuminating it from behind.
    And I just found out he/she was sighted only about 4 miles from where I grew up, in Michigan. Makes sense; the apples there are juicy and just plain delicious.  (The report's here, if you're curious.)
He's come pretty close to us here in Colorado, too. (I personally think they're some kind of large ape that use the Rockies as some a migration route.)

I'm also a Christian; an independent who's registered as Democrat (and probably votes Republican more than anything else); an outdoors-lover who relishes a trip out to the boonies, especially if there are mine dumps or abandoned buildings to poke around in.

Someone who loves a good cup of tea or coffee in an unusual cup, and a plate of fancy sandwiches...but feels uncomfortable at a froufrou ladies tea.  (Maybe it's the lack of Doritos.)

A collector of mysteries, unusual stuff, strange disappearances, historical oddities and any kind of great, reasonably true story. (And I enjoy passing them on to you in this blog, as well as my books, articles and other writing.)

A mom who passionately loves her daughters (and tries hard not to offer too much advice)

Someone who loves textiles and quilts, especially as they fit into history and culture.

    And if the Brick's not home, I may eat straight out of the pan.

Got anything you want to admit to?

Confession is good for the soul. Or so I hear... 

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