Thursday, March 21, 2013

There's A Snowstorm Coming!

    We're in line for the next big one. The chickens are starting to lay more, thanks to the warm weather and increased daylight -- they'll just hunker down inside the coop and wait it out. Poor them...and the daffodils, whose leaves are just starting to pop out.
     The chickens have been such a big success that I ordered 10 more Black Austrolorp chicks yesterday. That will only bring the flock up to 19, assuming all the chicks live. Not that much more work, and we've got plenty of would-be customers for eggs. However, the chickies will no longer range all over the yard; we've gotten tired of the chicken poop 'surprises' here and there. The Brick is in the process of figuring out fence posts. When he's done, we'll go ahead and enclose the chickenyard. It will still be roomy - and I plan to put in plenty of greens for them to munch on.

...Just happened on this video:

Children playing guitar. (They're kindergartners, by the way, from Chongjin City, North Korea.)

I don't know whether to be amazed or horrified...or both.

If you've had experience with kids at all, you know that children this age generally have a very short attention span. I currently have a piano/voice student, age 6. She's a great kiddo, and very smart, but I have to really work to get - and keep - her attention. Silly songs help, like "Mary Had A Little Lamb" or "My Pants Fell Down on Main Street." (All played on the black keys.)

So what kind of training let kids this young be this accomplished? Did it involve repetition, to the exclusion of everything else? (Or the Korean version of "My Pants Fell Down?") Punishment? Did they have a life, outside kindergarten and playing guitar?

That's the horrifying part.

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