Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another Great One Gone...And News

 Pat Campbell died on March 12, after a long hard-fought battle. She had not been in good health for some time.

I greatly admired her work with Jacobean applique. (Yes, she's holding an example of it in the photo.)

Learn more about her here, in Bonnie Browning's elegy. An interesting woman, with great style.
She'll be missed.

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I haven't been posting for a little while...wonder where I went?

I was taping a segment on memory quilts for Quilter's Newsletter's internet channel, "" with Jodie Davis!
     It was interesting -- taping a show always is -- but slightly surreal. You speak and look into the camera, or at Jodie, the host, as if a huge crowd is listening. (Which they are, figuratively speaking.)  Yet all you can see is a video monitor, two camera guys and the head QN editor, Bill Gardner. The set is nicely done, with a big table and lots of displays. But just past that is cardboard, plywood and some dusty chairs. Weird.
     When I taped for "Simply Quilts," the view was of staffers in down vests -- it was chilly in the studio, in spite of it being in L.A. - drinking coffee and doing kung fu kicks at each other. At least these guys were friendly AND professional. Brian even helped me get my suitcase in the car...a relief. (See below and you'll know why.)
      The only bad part was seeing my quilts and samples through the quilter's eye -- all of a sudden, pinned on the design wall or arranged on the studio desk, I could see every crooked seam and bobble. One of the finished memory quilts had a polka dot binding; I'd struggled to keep a single line of dots moving smoothly around the quilt edge -- and when it hung at the studio, I suddenly realized that I'd distorted the binding badly because of it.
      And now that crooked, wonky binding will be on full view, when the episode's aired. In blazing color.
      Needless to say, that crappy binding is coming OFF, and the quilt will be rebound. Memo to self: do NOT mess with polka dot prints for binding when your time is limited.

Between stitching the samples, finishing up two earlier quilts (tops were done, but they needed to be quilted and bound), and coping with a bum shoulder (fell down the hill by the chickies' coop - slipped in the mud), it's not meant much sleep around here. The night before the taping, I got roughly 45 min.
    The show's 'in the can' now, and it's back to appraising, paperwork, and regular life. I'm grateful to go back on working on other people's quilts (restoring them) for a while.

But it was fun.

First daffodil on April Fool's Day...but these crocus are gearing up

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